Management of electric tricycle in rural market

Management of electric tricycle in rural market

Contrary reality embarrassment


  The large rural consumer groups, as well as the actual demand for means of production, made the tricycle a product of this era come into being, and then the rising production and sales volume made this once unknown industry realize the development of "three-level jump". Different from the development path of fuel tricycle, which focuses on large rows of heavy-duty products and takes the rural market as the core, the electric tricycle seems to be a little "noble" from the beginning, abandoning the traditional route policy of "surrounding the city from the countryside", and setting the target market as the urban-rural junction, even the main urban area. The product R & D is also divorced from the ordinary mainstream functions such as pulling goods and loads, and takes manned soliciting as the characteristic selling point.

Management of electric tricycle in rural market

  Not only a risk, but also an opportunity


  According to statistics, in the first quarter of this year, the national output of electric bicycles was 4.84 million, a year-on-year increase of 0.7%, of which Tianjin had a year-on-year negative growth of 43.89%. In the second quarter, the national output of electric bicycles was only 6.27 million, a year-on-year decrease of 2.53%. In fact, nearly 30% of the sales data belong to policy pressure.


  The electric bicycle industry, which is in the limelight, has encountered a "Waterloo" in sales. Although the electric tricycle industry, which is closely related to it, has performed well, the emerging market weakness still makes enterprises vigilant. It is asserted that the development path of the electric tricycle industry will be narrower and narrower in the future, which is unprecedented in front of the competition bureau.

Management of electric tricycle in rural market

    Have a definite object in view


  The huge potential consumer groups in the rural market will attract the attention of a large number of enterprises. The so-called "Eight Immortals crossing the sea show their magic powers". There are not a few enterprises with brand, technology, products or service advantages. How can they win in this fierce competition, and what should businesses do in order to have a definite goal, pay and gain?


  Brand plus good distribution can make a good market. Selling and buying are contradictory issues. We have always insisted on leading consumers' choices with products and services, but consumers will consume irrationally driven by desire, so we have to induce consumers when necessary. " Kang Hongyan said, and insisted on the following four points: grasp the actual needs of consumers, and then recommend appropriate products on this basis to make consumers believe that there is always a Huaihai electric vehicle suitable for them; Comparative marketing, try to understand the product characteristics of competitors, and then seize each other's weaknesses to form a comparative advantage through product comparison and win the favor of consumers; Maintain good quality, answer the puzzles and questions given by consumers in time and patiently, and strive to promote the purchase. If the transaction fails, still smile and don't get angry and neglect; Strengthen the professional training of after-sales service and salespeople to make consumers feel our professionalism and authority in the field of electric tricycles and have a sense of trust in us.


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