Fire engine tricycle

Fire engine tricycle

  During the extinguishment of the mountain fire a few days before the Spring Festival, the fire motorcycles in the village were dispatched in time to quickly deal with the initial fire. This fast and convenient fire-fighting equipment gave the villagers a reassurance.

  The eye-catching yellow body has a motorcycle head shape. Complete fire-fighting facilities are placed at the back, including alarm, warning light, dry powder fire extinguisher and other fire-fighting equipment. In addition to the driver, two to three firefighters can ride in front.

Fire engine tricycle

  "The fire motorcycle can not only patrol dynamically and quickly deal with sudden initial fires, but also apply to the fight of all kinds of fires." The staff member told reporters that the car has the functions of pumping water and extinguishing fire, which is very suitable for the needs of villages and towns, especially in rural areas, to fight the initial fire. At the same time, because the fire motorcycle can drive on tractor roads and rural mountains, it has good mobility and flexibility, and can reach the fire extinguishing site at the first time of fire. During the period around the Spring Festival, three wheeled fire-fighting motorcycles played a great role in the disposal of many initial small fires.

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