Ten events in China's tricycle industry

Ten events in China's tricycle industry

Price rise of raw materials


  As the main raw material of lead-acid battery, the price trend of lead has been deeply affecting the whole vehicle price of electric tricycle. With the fear of national environmental protection rectification in the early stage, the recovery of recycled lead has been seriously reduced due to vigorous rectification, resulting in a significant increase in the demand for smelting lead for a period of time, which has stimulated the sharp rise of its market price. In addition to lead, copper, steel, rubber and other important raw materials are also unwilling to be lonely, each brewing or soaring. At the same time, the new version of the "Regulations on the administration of over limit transport vehicles driving on roads" and the "special action plan for the rectification of illegal over limit and overload of highway trucks" known as the "most stringent order" have been implemented since September 21, which has also brought an increase in logistics costs to the tricycle industry. Therefore, in the "bullish" situation of the whole industrial chain, electric tricycle manufacturers have issued notices of product price adjustment, and some manufacturers have announced "stop production, limited delivery and no longer take orders", while more onlookers and dealers think that rare goods can live in, follow the trend and buy in one after another, and the rising state has not decreased all the way.


Environmental storm


  In order to normalize the random inspection work and further strengthen the environmental supervision during and after environmental protection, Henan Yanshi Environmental Protection Bureau launched a special action of random inspection of daily supervision of large pollution sources on June 20. According to relevant statistics, as of July 20, more than 570 environmental supervision and law enforcement personnel and 35 law enforcement vehicles had been dispatched, 147 enterprises had been inspected, including 49 key enterprises and 98 non key enterprises (including construction projects), and 71 enterprises had been found to have violated the law, including 63 requiring rectification within a limited period of time and 8 proposed to be filed for investigation and punishment. Coincidentally, the Environmental Protection Bureau of Fengxian County, Jiangsu province carried out the work of cleaning up and rectifying environmental illegal construction projects in the whole county on November 14. It strictly enforced the law against the illegal pollutant discharge units that could not complete the rectification as required. For the illegal pollutant discharge without pollutant discharge license, it issued the decision of ordering to stop pollutant discharge and put on file for punishment. Those who refused to stop pollutant discharge were handed over to the public security department for detention, which constituted a crime, If the case is serious, it shall be reported to the county government for suspension of business and closure.

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