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  According to the statistical analysis of China Automobile Industry Association, in March 2020, tricycle enterprises resumed work and production with remarkable results. Among them, the production and sales of 352965 and 354470 positive three wheeled motorcycles increased by 372.99% and 393.68% month on month, 14.95% and 17.77% year-on-year. After experiencing the historical trough in February, the whole tricycle market finally ushered in restorative growth in March.


  It is noteworthy that, in order to boost market confidence, in the process of accelerating the resumption of channels, major manufacturers continue to push through the old and bring forth the new through marketing means, and also aim at the hot direction of "live broadcasting" in 2020, and even the picture of enterprise bosses taking goods in person.


  As for live broadcasting, the earliest form in China is live television. In 1985, CCTV carried out live coverage of the opening ceremony of the third session of the Sixth National People's Congress in the way of "news in progress", which opened a new chapter in the development of live news broadcasting. This form continues to today. At present, the news reports of various TV stations in China have basically realized the requirements of live broadcasting.


Nowadays, with the increasing progress of science and technology, emerging media continue to have a great impact on the traditional TV media industry. Due to its rich forms of expression, strong interactivity and real-time, internet live broadcasting has the characteristics of interpersonal communication and mass communication compared with traditional TV live broadcasting, so it has started to accelerate its growth. In 2005, video websites launched a traffic war, and computer-based show live broadcast rose in an all-round way; In 2014, YY stripped off the game live broadcasting business and established tiger tooth live broadcasting. In the same year, douyu left station a independently. They became the first leaders of the live broadcasting platform, and the content live broadcasting began to rise suddenly; In 2015, domestic mobile video live broadcasting platforms represented by Yingke, Zanthoxylum bungeanum and easy live have sprung up... If the development of live broadcasting in the early stage is closely related to the prosperity of games, live broadcasting at this stage has entered more segmented vertical industries, and a variety of Internet business models can be grafted. In the process of continuous iterative evolution of information dissemination on the Internet platform, video is gradually rising because of its richer content and more efficient information acquisition. Nowadays, all walks of life can be combined with live broadcasting. The addition of mobile phones makes live broadcasting more convenient. The real immersion obtained by full scene live broadcasting makes the interaction between users and anchor more intimate.


Under the epidemic situation in 2020, due to the impact of objective factors such as house isolation, the real business has collapsed, while the "house economy" is booming, making "live broadcasting and goods" a "standard" for major brands to resume work and production and expand marketing means. In addition to the online stores that have long been familiar with live broadcasting and goods, catering and food, automobile 4S stores and real estate have also joined the live broadcasting camp. Even the court has started online case handling and judicial auction. The anchors have also expanded from the original online celebrity endorsement to the top traffic in various fields. After viya, Li Jiaqi and other online celebrities, film and television stars such as Zhao Wei, Huang Xiaoming and Li Xiaolu, sports stars such as Fu Yuanhui, Wu Minxia and Liu Guoliang, and business celebrities such as Luo Yonghao, Xu Zhiyuan and Dong Mingzhu are also involved in the tide of live broadcasting. Even many large commodities with high customer unit price that have been frustrated in offline transactions are forced to fight online, Leading enterprises in the tricycle industry, such as Jiangsu Zongshen, Jinpeng, bubuxian, Xiaodao and other brands, have also launched live broadcasting successively. The chairman, general manager and marketing experts have joined forces. Everyone is eager to find new sales channels in the field of live broadcasting e-commerce. However, buying a house or a car is not buying lipstick or clothes after all. After a lot of traffic, how many people will really take out real gold and silver?


Previously, the shell Research Institute launched a survey on online house purchase. The results showed that 60% of the respondents said they would not buy houses online, but would read the house supply information and consult about house purchase online; 29.2% of respondents said they were willing to buy a house online. Although it is still difficult to make purchase decisions from offline to online in the short term, more and more transaction scenarios are migrating from offline to online, such as VR viewing and online negotiation.


The reporter also interviewed a number of young end-users on the street and asked them their views on buying a tricycle for live broadcasting. The answer was unexpectedly unified: "we can get together for the excitement of live broadcasting, but we have to think about buying a car." Later, in-depth investigation found that such a statement was more common among the elderly.


Facebook CEO Zuckerberg once said: "when you interact in the live broadcast, you will feel connected with people in a more humane way. This is a major progress in our communication and creates new opportunities for people to get together." He pointed out that in addition to strong interaction, live broadcasting also has unpredictability. Different from the traditional planning video programs, you can't predict what will happen in the next second of the live broadcast. Similarly, we may see the "live broadcast" of the next marketing spring of the tricycle industry?

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