Market survey of tricycles in Mianyang, Sichuan Province

  Facing the new covid-19 pneumonia epidemic test, the epidemic situation, supporting the economy and protecting people's livelihood have become the mission and responsibility of every enterprise. All parts of the country are stepping up their efforts to resume work and production in an orderly manner, focusing on epidemic prevention and stabilizing the economy. At present, phased victories have been achieved. According to the data released by the China Enterprise Federation, as of February 20, the resumption rate of China's top 500 manufacturing enterprises has reached 97.08%. This is the result of the joint efforts of all walks of life. However, in spite of this, some terminal dealers in many places still said that they would face the embarrassment of out of stock after the market resumed their purchase enthusiasm.


  After the long Spring Festival holiday, the epidemic spread, making it difficult for the country to resume work. Manufacturing is the main body of the real economy. Accelerating the recovery of manufacturing capacity is the top priority in the "epidemic" of the economic war. As an important infrastructure, the "non-stop" of the transportation industry is very important to ensure the people's livelihood and the normal operation of society. With the improvement of the domestic epidemic situation, according to the reporter's investigation, many enterprises in the tricycle industry have accelerated the progress of production and operation in the past half a month. However, the current situation of shortage of supporting facilities and rising prices, coupled with practical problems such as difficult recruitment of workers and insufficient logistics and transportation capacity after last year, have indeed firmly held back the hind leg of development, and it is not easy to move forward with a heavy load.

Market survey of tricycles in Mianyang, Sichuan Province

  The production progress of manufacturing enterprises is advancing steadily, and the daily sales of terminal markets, including Henan, Sichuan and Gansu, have gradually returned to normal operation. However, during the epidemic period, many users who needed to buy cars before the epidemic, as well as many users who needed to build projects and live and work after the epidemic, have concentrated their purchase enthusiasm when the market returns to work. In addition, the original peak season of market sales is coming, As a result, many first-line terminal stores, which had no worries about their sales, were in short supply of spot products for a while. Han Yonggang, a dealer of the third wheel of Dayang, located in Mianyang, Sichuan Province, told reporters, "in order to ensure the personal safety of workers, the manufacturer has strictly implemented the system of returning to work and production. Now, although the supply speed has been stepped up, it still can not meet the growing purchase needs of users. Since returning to work, we have communicated with the factory every day how to send more cars to Mianyang." In addition, the reporter also learned that during the recovery period of the epidemic, each city has increased the inventory of passing vehicles. Han Yonggang personally escorted the vehicles with his own hands in order to ensure that each vehicle is delivered to each outlet in good condition. This move was praised by the dealers of subordinate outlets in Mianyang.


  In the face of the epidemic, some people regard it as a crisis, while others seize the opportunity. During the epidemic, Han Yonggang did not relax his sales and after-sales work at all. Although affected by home isolation, he could not communicate face-to-face with manufacturers and users, he has always used "cloud office" modes such as wechat and telephone for communication. He is busy in his spare time for the rise of post epidemic reconstruction. In the past, he opened the Mianyang market with the Dayang brand tricycle, and now he uses the service to make the agency brand better in the local reputation. His hard work and market sales can be proved.


  Mianyang, located in the northwest of Sichuan Basin and the middle and upper reaches of Fujiang River, is located in the heart of the "West Triangle" of Chengdu, Chongqing and Xi'an. It is an important node city of Chengdu Plain Urban Agglomeration and has become a secondary transportation hub city in the northwest of Sichuan Province. It is adjacent to Qingchuan county and Jiange County of Guangyuan City in the East and Nanbu county and Xichong County of Nanchong City in the East; It connects Shehong County of Suining City to the South; Luojiang County, Zhongjiang County and Mianzhu City of Deyang City are connected to the West; The northwest borders Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture and Wen County of Gansu Province. The mountainous area of Mianyang City accounts for 61.0%, the hilly area accounts for 20.4%, and the Pingba area accounts for 18.6%. The terrain is high in the northwest and low in the southeast, with great topographic fluctuation.


  According to the local terrain characteristics of Mianyang, Han Yonggang, a dealer of Dayang tricycle in Chongqing, worked closely with the manufacturer to develop a variety of tricycle types that fit the actual needs. He made an issue of quality and sought a market from the aspect of quality. After several years of hard work, he realized the good reputation of "perfect driving control" of Dayang tricycle, and gradually changed the popular situation of miscellaneous cars in the local market.

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