The 12th China International Battery exhibition opened on the 24th

The 12th China International Battery exhibition opened on the 24th

Energy storage technology leads industrial breakthrough


  Liu Yanlong, Secretary General of China chemical and physical power industry association, introduced that domestic well-known battery enterprises Tianjin Lishen, Wanxiang A123, AVIC lithium battery, Huizhou Yiwei, xiongtao, Kelu electronics and other battery and system solution enterprises, as well as equipment manufacturers such as xinjiatuo, Hongbao, Haoneng and Yinghe, lithium-ion batteries such as Tianjin BAMO, Beijing dangsheng and Xiamen tungsten industry The four major materials and various supporting raw materials and spare parts enterprises will all be present.


  The first China International Energy Storage Technology and Application Exhibition was held at the same time. It is reported that, as the most forward-looking technology to promote the development of new energy industry in the future, energy storage will play a great role in new energy grid connection, electric vehicles, smart grid, microgrid, distributed energy system, household energy storage system, power supply project in non electricity areas and even energy security in the future. China has included energy storage and distributed energy in the "top 100 key projects" of the 13th five year plan. Liu Yanlong believes that "energy storage and distributed energy will usher in greater development opportunities in the next three to five years".


New energy boosts the expansion of energy storage industry


  According to reports, China has become the world's largest producer and application market of new energy vehicles. The demand of new energy vehicles for power lithium-ion batteries has exceeded about 14 billion watt hours. At the same time, China's wind power, photovoltaic and other green energy power are also gradually improving the traditional power grid structure to provide energy for building a green and intelligent modern power grid.


  "Whether wind power or solar power generation, it has its own randomness and intermittent characteristics, and reliable energy storage technology must be used as support and buffer." Industry experts believe that according to the current proportion of installed capacity of photovoltaic and wind power generation in China, without considering the cost factor, the demand space of China's energy storage market is expected to reach 100 billion yuan in 2020. At this exhibition, many battery enterprises and system integrators at home and abroad will display the latest power battery products, energy storage products and system solutions.

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