China electric tricycle creation road

  At the beginning of the country's economic development, the threshold of many industries was low and the market was mixed. In that era of crazy development, new enterprises were "born" and many enterprises "died" every day. Later, with the entry of foreign businessmen, it brought a new atmosphere - foreign investment. Since then, the phenomenon of joining foreign gimmicks began to appear slowly, affecting the awareness of a generation of consumers. Foreign capital, known as the representative of tall, has emerged a pile of fake and impostor industry cancer. These enterprises confuse fish with pearls, disrupt the market order and discredit "domestic".

  The development of many industrial countries is indeed earlier than that of China, so there are leading advantages in technology. Joint venture and cooperation was once a way of China's industrial development. With the development of China's industry, domestic enterprises have also achieved self innovation in many technologies, which is gratifying and worthy of people's pride. With technology, there will be capital, but how to revitalize the domestic image, improve public credibility and make the word "domestic" a synonym for quality? This is a problem that many enterprises need to consider at present. As a pure domestic electric tricycle, the problem in this regard is more serious.

  As a large agricultural country in China, electric tricycles are widely used as practical means of production in daily life. In China, when it comes to electric tricycles, most of the pictures in many people's minds are negative reports. Most of the reasons why electric tricycles are banned in China are "affecting the image" and "not up to grade". However, at present, many electric tricycle enterprises still focus on manufacturing electric tricycles. They are busy grasping the output and sales volume. They have not realized that creating electric tricycles is more important than manufacturing electric tricycles. But how to create three rounds of electricity? Creating three rounds of electricity = shaping brand + manufacturing products. It's easy to make electric three wheels, but it's not easy to shape electric three wheels, and it's OK and cherished.

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