Yunnan tricycle Market

Yunnan tricycle Market

  Almost all domestic brand tricycle manufacturers have camped here. Smart businessmen also smell the business opportunities first and come here from all over the country. Kunming, Qujing, Yuxi, Dali, Baoshan, Chuxiong and other cities and counties under the jurisdiction of Yunnan Province, although the degree of urban construction is uneven, and the economic level does not belong to the ranks of the first and second tier cities in China, however, China's largest three wheeled motorcycle market transaction is carried out on this "backward" land. It is understood that nearly half of the annual sales champions of Chongqing brand tricycles were born here. "China's three rounds look at the southwest, and the western market looks at Yunnan." Although this statement is not comprehensive enough, it also reflects the huge market ownership in Yunnan market. However, prosperity does not mean tolerance. The competition in products, services, channels and publicity cannot be relaxed at all, because if it cannot have its own place and living space in the "first-line" market of this tricycle industry, its brand will also become a loser in other markets.


  Yunnan has made many "first" achievements in China's transportation history: at present, it has 12 civil airports and 3 are under construction, ranking first in all provinces and regions in China. Yunnan Vietnam Railway, the first railway built in Yunnan more than 100 years ago, was the first international railway in China at that time. However, due to the complex terrain and poor geological conditions in Yunnan, the railway development in Yunnan has been slow since the founding of the people's Republic of China. Highway transportation has become the main travel mode of Yunnan people. In addition, 94% of the total land area of Yunnan Province is mountainous and plateau terrain, which determines the great potential of tricycles in this vast world.


  As the capital of Yunnan Province, Kunming is the center of politics, economy, culture, science and technology and transportation in Yunnan Province. As the center of tricycle Market in Yunnan, quandu'an tricycle market has more than 40 merchants, most of which are provincial general agents or brand sales champions. The hundreds of brands they represent also cover almost all mainstream brands in the market, Therefore, the performance of this market largely represents and affects the sales trend of the whole Yunnan market.


  According to statistics, the total sales volume of Quanan three wheeled motorcycle market in 2014 was about 80000. The domestic first and second tier brand tricycles accounted for about 70%, mostly Chongqing brands. The sold models also have local characteristics in Yunnan, with obvious emphasis, of which flat-panel models account for 90%, while semi closed and fully closed models are the most common models in Yunnan, although their sales share is not high. The reason is that Yunnan has complex climate characteristics such as large daily temperature difference and abundant rainfall. Local users need models that can block the wind, rain and sun, but the price of closed vehicles produced by the manufacturer is quite high. All these flat cars are installed with simple sheds for use in the later stage, so the "Wuyang" simple car head is very popular in Yunnan. According to the displacement, medium and large displacement models with 175ml and above belong to the mainstream models, accounting for about 70% of the overall share

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