General rules for the management of tricycle Enterprises

General rules for the management of tricycle Enterprises

  In daily work, the most economical way is to use for reference, because reference is much better than original in manpower, time, cost, difficulty and odds of success.


  First, we often say that under the condition of complete market economy, enterprises win in innovation with differences and win in brand without differences. Therefore, the management of our tricycle enterprises should pay attention to the accumulation of brand advantages, including the way of self creation or cooperative introduction. Brand is not a simple product symbol, but more a cultural carrier, which is the basis for people to know and trust. In recent years, the tricycle industry generally pays attention to the cooperation with strong brands of motorcycles. In recent years, almost all the remarkable enterprises in the tricycle industry are the products of large brand cooperation.


  Second, in addition to the shortcut of brand cooperation, another key issue we should consider is the selling point, which is also the basis for the ancients to talk about "Hawking". If we want to sell well, we need to study more consumers' "buy point demands" and turn from selling point to buying point. The word difference actually reflects the consumer oriented enterprise concept and measures our objective product reasons with the buy point standard. Familiar with the focus of consumers' attention, and then find the elements we can meet or attract consumers' attention from the products, the marketing selling points will come out. It should be noted that many products have common characteristics, such as the performance in line with national manufacturing standards and environmental protection standards, because others didn't say, but you said, this alone is enough to make similar products sell differently.

General rules for the management of tricycle Enterprises

  Third, we should study the low price strategy, that is, learn to use the low price policy to win the flocks of specific consumer groups. There are two points to note here. First, low price does not mean low profit or even loss marketing. Low price is more the embodiment of low cost. Such low price is the essential embodiment of the enterprise's comprehensive ability. Second, low price is by no means low quality. Product quality is the bottom limit that enterprises must adhere to. Low price should reflect the results of cost optimization, design optimization, material optimization and process optimization. Taking China's high-speed rail products as an example, Premier Li Keqiang said at the press conference after the "two sessions" this year: "using Chinese equipment may be the fastest and lowest cost. I have this confidence." It fully reflects the view that low price will also be excellent products, practical products, high-tech products and products with comprehensive competitiveness.


  Fourth, we should pay special attention to the progress of marketing model. We can see the changes in the model of daily consumer goods shopping malls after more than 30 years of reform in China. From department stores, to comprehensive markets, and then to hypermarkets, hypermarkets have separated more professional chain franchises (cosmetics, meat, convenience stores, high-end consumer goods, brand clothing, household appliances, etc.), and now there is more rapid and popular online marketing, In essence, it is the transformation of marketing mode. Although this transformation requires specific environmental conditions as the premise, we can be sure that the marketing attitude of keeping pace with the times is to pay attention to the study of the traditional mode of tricycle and orderly try new modes. Which enterprises are ahead, which will usher in a bright future with fruitful tricycle marketing.

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