In 2021, the general meeting of three wheeled motorcycle chamber of Commerce in Yanshi District, Luoyang was held

On August 14, the 2021 members' meeting of Luoyang Yanshi tricycle chamber of Commerce was held in the auditorium on the 6th floor of Luoyang Beiyi tricycle Co., Ltd. The meeting deliberated and approved the revised draft of the articles of association of the three wheeled motorcycle chamber of Commerce and the election methods of new directors, supervisors and vice presidents of the chamber of Commerce, and voted to elect 4 new vice presidents, 21 new directors and 3 supervisors.


The meeting summarized and reviewed the work of the three wheeled motorcycle chamber of Commerce this year, made an in-depth analysis of the current situation of the three wheeled motorcycle industry, called on all member units of the chamber of Commerce to support local enterprises, seize opportunities, become bigger and stronger, accelerate the pace of transformation and development, and call for the title of "export capital of three wheeled motorcycles in the world".

In 2021, the general meeting of three wheeled motorcycle chamber of Commerce in Yanshi District, Luoyang was held

How high is the market share of Yanshi's three wheeled motorcycle in the country?

There are 3 three wheeled motorcycles off the assembly line in China, and at least one is made in Yanshi.

How strong is Yanshi's tricycle industry?

More than 5000 three wheeled motorcycles are transported to all parts of the country every day. Three wheeled motorcycles loaded with trucks are common on highways, mostly from Yanshi.


This can be confirmed by a set of statistical data from China Automobile Industry Association. The data show that from the perspective of the national production distribution of tricycles, four major production sectors of Henan, Chongqing, Jiangsu and Zhejiang and Shandong have been formed. In 2020, Henan accounted for 42%, Jiangsu and Zhejiang accounted for 23%, Shandong accounted for 12%, southwest accounted for 8%, Guangdong accounted for 8% and others accounted for 7%. Among them, the output of three wheeled motorcycles in Henan mainly comes from Yanshi.


As the witness of the development of Yanshi tricycle industry, Luoyang Beiyi tricycle Co., Ltd. has strong enterprise strength, advanced production technology and complete manufacturing process. It has always continued to increase the product strength with the spirit of craftsmanship. Since its establishment, Dayang tricycle has been in awe of the industry, adhering to the original intention of quality first, constantly giving full play to its own advantages and creating differentiated high-end tricycle products.


At present, challenges and opportunities coexist in the motorcycle industry. The motorcycle industry still has a large market demand in China and has great development space in foreign trade and export. Dayang Sanlun will, as always, strengthen confidence, seize opportunities, increase investment in standardization, greening and intelligence, lead industrial transformation and upgrading with innovation, and promote the high-quality development of Yanshi motorcycle industry.


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