The success of dealers

The success of dealers

Be a true hero against the trend


  Ganzhou is one of the three famous national historical and cultural cities in Jiangxi, which plays an extremely important role in terms of geographical location. It is adjacent to Fujian, Guangdong and Hunan. It is the South Gate of Jiangxi Province. It is the regional central city of marginal modernization of four provinces. It is the two most developed economic zones along the southeast coast of China. It is also the largest and nearest common hinterland of the Pearl River Delta economic zone and Haixi Economic Zone in the central part. It is the first city in the central region to undertake the industrial transfer along the southeast coast.


  It is understood that the development of the fuel tricycle Market in Ganzhou was earlier than ten years ago. Due to the surrounding mountains and the terrain dominated by mountains and hills, a large number of people rely on fuel tricycles as their daily production and living tools. Especially seven or eight years ago, the fuel tricycle Market in Ganzhou once reached the sales peak, and the influx of many brands made the fighting in Ganzhou market more cruel. With years of accumulated business experience and calm and calm psychological quality, Chen gongyue has made Dayang brand steadily occupy the position of local sales champion for many years. In recent years, with the rapid pulling up of electric tricycles, Ganzhou, which originally belonged to the paradise of fuel tricycles, has become restless, and more and more fuel tricycle dealers have lost. However, when most people sing down the fuel tricycle industry, Chen gongyue suddenly emerged in the howling of the losers.

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