Top ten figures in China's tricycle industry in 2015

Top ten figures in China's tricycle industry in 2015

  As far as the motorcycle industry is concerned, Chongqing has a unique industrial cluster advantage. Its plate has a number of strong motorcycle enterprises and perfect supporting system. Beiyi automobile industry, based in Chongqing, is the re promotion of Dayang brand tricycle industry. As a brand enterprise with a high starting point, the overall strength of Chongqing Beiyi automobile industry has been affirmed by the industry. At the same time, it also forms a resource fit with Luoyang Beiyi. In terms of resource integration, relying on the unique supporting resources, excellent technical support and a large number of technical talents, the products have been perfectly displayed in terms of quality and innovation, and its internal technology will be integrated and advanced, so as to consolidate the domestic market, open the North-South layout and create a stronger Beiyi brand in the big strategic global market! 

Top ten figures in China's tricycle industry in 2015

  Li Ming pointed out that through in-depth research and analysis, the third round of Dayang will comprehensively upgrade the enterprise strategy from the aspects of sales strategy application, product structure improvement, fine service quality and careful market planning. In the application of sales strategy, Dayang will maintain its unique product system advantages, adhere to seeking progress in stability and speed in good conditions, strengthen advantageous products and improve market demand. Based on products, adjust measures to local conditions and effectively help dealers expand and strengthen the local market. At the same time, enterprises will open up channels and combine up and down to truly form a whole network system of modern market competition. In terms of products, in the face of the rapidly changing tricycle market, we deeply formulate strategies, give full play to the advantages of the enterprise, make full use of social resources, draw on the excellent group strength of the company, absorb technical achievements, constantly innovate, improve the company's product line and maximize the enterprise value!

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