The national standard of express tricycle will be promulgated soon

The national standard of express tricycle will be promulgated soon

  AQSIQ, the National Standards Commission and the State Post Office are organizing the drafting of the technical requirements for special electric tricycles for express delivery. Now this standard has been solicited for comments from the society. In the next step, we should organize experts to demonstrate and improve it, make progress according to the Interim Regulations on express delivery, and further coordinate relevant parties to promote the formulation of the standard.


  At present, the National Standardization Management Committee will reconstruct the standard system, straighten out China's standardization management system and mechanism, and improve the scientific management level of standardization. First, promote the "downsizing" of government standards, focusing on the integration and simplification of mandatory standards. Second, release the vitality of the development of market standards. On the one hand, cancel the filing of enterprise standards, and implement the self declaration, disclosure and supervision system of enterprise standards, so as to open a hole for enterprises to transform new technologies into standards and form industrialization through standards, fully release the vitality of enterprises, and enable new technologies and processes to be industrialized as soon as possible through standardization. "

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