Shandong tricycle market scanning

Shandong tricycle market scanning

  2017 is an eventful year for China's tricycle industry. The rise in the price of raw materials, the state's strict control over environmental protection and the strict investigation of road rights have made many domestic tricycle enterprises taste the bitter fruit. Many small and medium-sized enterprises with weak capital and lack of technology have closed down one after another, especially in Tianjin, Henan and Shandong.


  As we all know, the "2 + 26" urban environmental protection rectification action has put the whole electric vehicle and tricycle sector in trouble in Tianjin. The shutdown has made many supporting enterprises struggling to support and even unsustainable. The traffic control departments in Jinan, Zibo, Dezhou and other places in Shandong Province have comprehensively seized the tricycles and low-speed electric vehicles on the road, which has caused many tricycle and low-speed vehicle manufacturers, dealers and consumers in Shandong to complain and suffer. However, the Jinan motorcycle market, which was once prosperous in Shandong, has gradually shrunk under the pressure of policies and has nearly disintegrated so far.


  According to the survey of Linyi market, we feel the depression of the whole tricycle Market (including low-speed electric vehicles) and the confusion of dealers about the prospect. With the strengthening of environmental protection policies, the imminent formal implementation of National IV regulations and the strict control of vehicle dimensions and specifications, the fuel tricycle industry is facing a very difficult situation. A large number of enterprises without strength and technical support will be unsustainable, and the industry reshuffle will be a foregone conclusion. At that time, a number of big brands with large enterprise scale and strong technical R & D strength will remain in the tricycle market, which is also the only way for the normal and healthy development of fuel tricycles. With the final introduction and formal implementation of relevant national standards for electric tricycles and low-speed electric vehicles, it is conducive for these enterprises and businesses in the market who are on the sidelines of policies to have a clearer understanding of the development trend of the industry and formulate wise products and business strategies.

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