National standard grounding gas of low-speed electric vehicle can "reach the hearts of the people"

National standard grounding gas of low-speed electric vehicle can

  It is well known that "difficult to travel" and "difficult to travel" have always been major problems across China's third and fourth tier cities and rural areas. Compared with the mature transportation network of big cities, the means of transportation in these areas are very scarce. This is especially true in rural areas. In many cases, it takes several hours or even a whole day to walk from home to where there is a bus. The "last kilometer" becomes the "most difficult kilometer". Once encountering unexpected conditions, such as sudden illness, maternity and other emergency needs, it will face huge risks.


  In the past decade, due to the characteristics of small models, high cost performance, convenient charging and low vehicle costs, low-speed electric vehicles are suitable for short-distance transportation and transportation. In essence, they have gradually replaced bicycles and motorcycles in the above-mentioned areas and become a popular "national electric vehicle", meeting the rigid needs of grass-roots people to "shelter from the wind and rain and travel by motor". The stringent national standard of low-speed electric vehicles may lead to its disappearance from people's lives.


  As standards rise, prices will change. Once low-speed electric vehicles refer to the standard system of "ordinary passenger cars", the cost will increase significantly, the price will rise exponentially, and even converge with the price of a car. For most low-income people, a private car is still an unattainable luxury. If the purchasing power cannot be reached, it will inevitably lead to the demise of low-speed electric vehicles, which will soon hurt the people. Once so, how to solve the travel problem that has plagued the grass-roots people for a long time?

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