Yunnan in accelerating the promotion of new energy vehicles

Yunnan in accelerating the promotion of new energy vehicles

  In order to actively do a good job in the research, supporting and promotion of new energy vehicles, Yunnan provincial level and some prefectures and cities have successively issued relevant policies to promote the development, promotion and application of new energy vehicle industry. A series of policy documents such as the opinions on promoting the development of energy conservation and new energy vehicle industry, the implementation opinions on accelerating the promotion and application of new energy vehicles, and the implementation plan for the promotion, application and industrial development of new energy vehicles in Kunming have been issued one after another.


  At present, Kunming has initially built the "national testing platform for plateau energy-saving and new energy vehicles", and established 8 industry university research and development bases, including "Yunnan new energy vehicle Productivity Promotion Center", "Kunming energy-saving and new energy vehicle industry university research alliance", "Kunming new energy vehicle power system engineering research center" and "plateau new energy vehicle (pure electric vehicle) vehicle R & D base". In addition, "the overall implementation plan for the promotion and application of new energy vehicles in Kunming 3 urban agglomeration (Lijiang, Yuxi and Dali) (2013-2015)" was approved by relevant national ministries and commissions. According to the plan, Kunming, Lijiang, Yuxi and Dali take public transportation, leasing, official business, sanitation, postal service, logistics, special vehicles and other fields as the main promotion fields.


  By the end of last year, Yunnan Province had actually promoted the use of 4748 new energy vehicles, and the completion of the target task was at the upper middle level of the national demonstration city. Among them, a total of 23 new energy vehicle models of two automobile companies have entered the national announcement catalogue, the catalogue of recommended models for energy-saving and new energy vehicle demonstration, promotion and application projects and the catalogue of new energy vehicle models exempted from vehicle purchase tax, and obtained a number of domestic leading core technologies with proprietary intellectual property rights.


  It is understood that the charging infrastructure built in Yunnan Province is mainly located in Kunming. With the gradual promotion of electric buses and sanitation vehicles, Lijiang, Dali and other cities have also built a number of charging infrastructure to meet the needs of relevant electric vehicles.

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