Road protection movement of Express electric tricycle

Road protection movement of Express electric tricycle

In 2015, the business revenue and business volume of China's express industry reached 276 billion yuan and 20.6 billion pieces respectively, with a year-on-year increase of 35% and 48%, and the average daily service users reached 110 million person times.


Behind the numbers is the chaos of Express electric tricycles.


  May 7, 2016 is the deadline for comments on the draft of the national mandatory standard technical requirements for express special electric tricycles. This document, known as the "new national standard", not only strictly controls the express electric tricycle in terms of vehicle quality, specification and size, frame structure and braking distance, but also stipulates that its maximum speed can not exceed 15 kilometers per hour.

Road protection movement of Express electric tricycle

Disputes arise.


  The express industry complained that the "new national standard" not only increased the cost of Express electric vehicles by 40%, but also doubled the efficiency of Express electric vehicles, which is not conducive to the development of the "last mile of e-commerce" industry.

Road protection movement of Express electric tricycle

"Black households" and "three no products"


  Electric tricycle was once a tool for express delivery. Farmers can "homemade" electric tricycles by installing motors on tricycles. They may never have thought that they would become the "driver" of express tricycles and fly along the roads of the city.


  It may not be appropriate to say that drivers do not have a driver's license or any license. So far, the government's supervision of express special electric tricycles has been absent. All express tricycle drivers are unlicensed "black households" and they drive "three no products". The reporter tried to find the number of Express electric tricycles and the number on the road, but got nothing. It is said that even Shentong and Yuantong do not necessarily know how many are used by their company.


  However, this does not hinder the development of Express electric tricycle and express industry. In 2013, the postal system began to purchase Express electric tricycles. In 2015, SF express began to purchase Express electric tricycles nationwide, and express electric tricycles began to embark on a period of rapid development. China's express delivery speed is the fastest in the world, and the electric tricycle is the main force.

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