Waste battery recycling on the agenda

Waste battery recycling on the agenda

  For the development history of electric vehicles in China, the industry generally agrees that there are three development stages: the primary stage of electric bicycles, the primary production scale stage and the overspeed development stage. Marked by the official launch of the new intelligent model Z3 of Yadi electric vehicle in 2016, the electric vehicle industry has officially entered the fourth development stage. As a new development direction of the electric vehicle industry, intelligent electric vehicle has promoted the whole industry to a "high-end" development stage.


  At present, in the field of power battery recovery of new energy vehicles in China, valuable metals are generally extracted through the recovery and treatment of nickel hydrogen, nickel cadmium and lithium batteries of consumer electronic products. This form can barely solve the problem of power battery recovery when the number of new energy vehicles is small. However, with the continuous rise of sales of new energy vehicles, more and more new energy vehicles and new energy battery manufacturers, And new energy vehicle enterprises will face the problem of power battery recycling.


  In China, only one-third of lead-acid batteries are recycled by formal enterprises. The illegal recycling and dumping of lead containing waste acid increased from 99500 tons in 2008 to nearly 270000 tons in 2014. The comprehensive utilization rate of "three noes" smelting enterprises is low. About 160000 tons of lead are lost in the illegal smelting process every year, causing serious pollution.


  Although China has formulated relevant laws and regulations such as technical policies for the prevention and control of hazardous waste pollution and technical policies for the prevention and control of waste battery pollution, there is no special legislation for the recycling and treatment of vehicle power batteries, which restricts the effective recycling and utilization of vehicle power batteries.

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