"Plus Internet" and "Internet Plus" for Small Electric Vehicles

  Premier Li Keqiang first proposed the "Internet Plus" action plan at the third Session of the 12th National People's Congress on March 5, 2015. As a starting point, "Internet plus" became a trend pursued by various industries in 2015. In the domestic automobile field, a big discussion of "Internet + car" and "car + Internet" has been set off. Almost at the same time with this discussion, Internet car manufacturing is on a whim. In the context of this era, small electric vehicles, which have been subjected to a lot of doubts and repression, have become active practitioners in this action. As a whole industry consciousness, some powerful car companies took the lead in the industry "network", in the small electric car and Internet marriage become the first to eat soup enterprises


  Making full use of Internet technology to realize human-vehicle interaction is the most obvious feature of Redding and Bidwen on "Internet +".


  In the industry, the intelligent U-CARI vehicle interconnection technology developed by Reading promotes the enterprise to take the lead in realizing intelligence in the field of small electric vehicles in China. Through this technology, users can achieve intelligent experience such as remote control of vehicles, automatic car search, anti-theft detection, real-time location, audio and video interaction with the help of mobile terminal. The U-CARI system creates more ways for people to communicate with each other than traditional small electric vehicles, and adds a lot of human design elements. For example, in the vehicle sharing interaction, users can enjoy network video and car bluetooth phone, and can share their travel location with friends anytime and anywhere. In human-vehicle communication, the system can intelligently detect the electric quantity and vehicle condition, intelligent prompt vehicle failure, etc.


  Take Bedevin as another example. The company launched the I-EV smart car interconnection system in 2016. By downloading the mobile phone APP client of the system, the user can control the vehicle intelligently, and realize a series of intelligent services such as anti-theft tracking, remote control, one-key car search, car condition query, bluetooth keys, etc. It is understood that the latest listing of German M7 is equipped with this intelligent system.

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