Survival law of electric four wheeled vehicle

  The official rise of the low-speed electric four-wheel vehicle industry in Yunnan began three or four years ago. Most of the people who participated in it thought they were going to an unknown exploration process, which was full of many adventures and difficulties. However, more successes and opportunities tempted batch after batch of people, and then slowly formed an industry survival path with Yunnan characteristics.


   In the social environment of calling for environmental protection and advocating energy conservation, the upgrading of China's automobile industry structure has defined the development direction, and new energy vehicles are well deserved to be defined as the inevitable trend of future transportation. However, with the introduction of relevant national subsidy policies, more and more people find that a kind of electric four-wheel vehicle with a shape similar to a car that appears on the secondary and tertiary cities in some provinces of China and the vast roads in rural areas is not included in the scope of subsidies, and a large number of brand cars can't even be licensed, which means that they can't drive on the road legally. However, due to the attraction of low purchase and use costs, and these low-speed electric four-wheel vehicles can meet the travel needs of many special people, they quickly formed a certain market scale in a short time. Facing the huge contradiction between national policies and market demand, where should many practitioners who have entered the market and are preparing to enter the market go? The reporter visited Yunnan low-speed electric four-wheel vehicle market and found that although the local market ownership is small and the supporting system is not mature enough, the "wall riding doctrine" believed by people in Yunnan market is of great significance for industry reference.


  As we all know, low-speed electric four-wheel vehicles were originally not traditional cars, but electric vehicles developed from golf carts and other prototypes. Up to now, there is no unified standard for such models in China. Therefore, most manufacturers design and produce with reference to the standards of EU, Japan and other countries, and local traffic management departments regulate driving behavior with regional and individualized policies. In view of the fact that the management method of tricycles, which has a formal production catalogue issued by the state, has been extremely chaotic in Yunnan, as an emerging low-speed electric four-wheel vehicle, the management of government traffic control departments and relevant regulations in terms of sales, driving and parking is even more disorganized. According to the reporter's investigation, taking the ban as an example, Kunming ban and Chengjiang County can't help it; Baoshan City could not help but ban it before and now; Even in the same Dali City, the minority autonomous region within the jurisdiction is prohibited, and the residence of the Han nationality can not help. Generally speaking, most sections in the urban center of Yunnan Province explicitly prohibit low-speed electric four-wheel vehicles on the road, while the management methods of secondary and tertiary townships, rural areas and some urban-rural fringe areas are to turn a blind eye, and the policies are sometimes tight and sometimes loose. The development path provided to practitioners is bumpy and has not yet been standardized and improved. It is inevitable that thorns will grow on the way. Who will dare to be the first "pioneer"?

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