"Core" road is extraordinary

  In order to continue to lead the tricycle power market, Dayang has launched a new engine. This engine is an upgraded version of the original series. It has been researched and developed by experts from China, Japan and South Korea for many years. It is a low speed and high torque engine specially tailored for tricycles. It has the characteristics of low center of gravity, stability, reliability and simple operation.


1. Service life

  The engine adopts a special fuel injection system to accurately supply oil, reduce friction, effectively reduce temperature and greatly improve the service life of the engine; Imported Fuji friction plate ensures the durability of the clutch; High strength thick gears and enlarged main and auxiliary shafts protect the service life of the engine.


2. Stability

  The engine adopts upper overhead cam SOHC and built-in balance shaft in balance technology, with stable operation and low vibration; The chain adopts imported silent chain, which can effectively reduce the engine noise and improve the transmission efficiency.


3. Heat dissipation system and lubrication system

  The integrated water pump driven by crankshaft ensures the cooling effect of the whole machine; The special oil pump driven by crankshaft improves the lubrication effect of the whole machine; The fully enclosed car grade paper filter oil filter effectively ensures the smooth flow of engine oil passage.


4. Transmission system and electric starting system

  The unique rack type separation makes the clutch separation more thorough and accurate; The electric starting system ensures that the cold machine starts at the touch of fire.

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