The "National IV" standard was officially implemented


 There are opportunities for enterprises to cope with new standards, but there are always opportunities for enterprises to do a good job in advance. If they are not prepared, it will always bring more pressure to enterprises to deal with new standards; However, if we respond well in terms of technology reserves in advance, such enterprises can obtain a better development opportunity.


The most direct change brought by the switching of the new standards to the industry is the reshaping of the market pattern and the re division of opportunities. To deal with the new emission standards, there are high requirements for the technical level and quality control ability of tricycle enterprises. For large enterprises with strong technical strength, the pressure is relatively small due to sufficient technical reserves and perfect response plans. At present, the leading enterprises in China are already in a dominant position in the market. With the switching of new standards and the improvement of product technology, it will undoubtedly further strengthen their market advantages and consolidate their market position. However, for those speculative enterprises with insufficient technical reserves and relying on temporary cramming to deal with the new standards, the challenges will far outweigh the opportunities, and they are likely to die out gradually after the standard switching.


  Having high standards does not mean having high standard enterprises and high standard products. China's motorcycle emission standards do not lag behind the foreign standards at the same level. However, why we do not have world-class motorcycle enterprises and products so far is mainly due to the fact that few enterprises are eliminated in each upgrading, and the motorcycle industry remains scattered and poor. For those motorcycle enterprises who still feel lucky and think that the "National IV" switch is still a big thunder and little rain, the formal implementation of the "National IV" standard is really a "wolf".

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