Italian electric auxiliary tricycle

  Italy is the oldest fashion capital, with the number of luxury brands ranking first in the world; Italy is also a famous sports car holy land, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati


  Therefore, the electric tricycles produced in Italy are so stylish, such as cabriovelo. This is an electric auxiliary tricycle, which adopts the shape of an old car, which is fashionable, retro and environmentally friendlyCabriovelo is the concept of three Italian engineering and economics college students. Of course, the team has grown very strong at present, because it is very popular on the crowdfunding platform and has successfully raised funds.


  In short, cabriovelo is a three wheeled bicycle with electric auxiliary system and classic car shape. It is small in size and windy in shape. The most important thing is that it is very flexible and has more driving space in congested cities.


  Cabriovelo adopts a convertible design, but it can easily become a closed structure through accessories. In addition, the trunk can also accommodate 200L sundries. Riding it to the supermarket to buy something is environmentally friendly and windy.


  Don't underestimate cabriovelo. It actually belongs to the category of motor vehicles and can be driven on roads. 250W auxiliary click can achieve 100 km endurance, and the carbon dioxide emission is only 5 g / km. In addition, in addition to red, the body can also be customized in orange, yellow, etc.

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