The new policy of new energy vehicle subsidies is emerging

The new policy of new energy vehicle subsidies is emerging

  The subsidy for new energy passenger vehicles will not be limited, and the opinion of "upper limit of 350000 yuan" has not been adopted. The price limit of new energy passenger vehicles is of little significance, is not conducive to encouraging the improvement of technical quality, and is also contrary to the principle of marketization. However, the energy consumption index requirements for new energy passenger vehicles will be increased. Several micro electric vehicles may not meet the standards and will be cleared out of the scope of subsidies. The restrictions are: the power consumption per ton per hundred kilometers of new energy passenger vehicles shall not exceed 13kwh; Increase the energy consumption index requirements of plug-in passenger cars in hybrid state, and the fuel consumption in state B shall not be higher than 80% compared with the corresponding limit in the current national standard for conventional fuel consumption. It is suggested that the amount of subsidy should not be adjusted.


  In terms of new energy buses, people close to the policy revision said that the subsidy standard will certainly be adjusted, otherwise the loopholes of fraud and compensation cannot be blocked. He did not disclose the specific subsidy method, but learned that the subsidy amount would be reduced by about 50%.


  The subsidy standard for new energy special vehicles will also be adjusted. Relevant people said that the proposal of "graded subsidy according to battery capacity" has been adopted and will be subsidized according to three battery capacity levels: 0-50kwh, 50-100kwh and 100kwh. The upper limit of the subsidy is 200000 yuan, and the power consumption requirement of 100 kilometers will be increased at the same time.


  At present, the revision of the subsidy policy for new energy vehicles is still under discussion, and a complete final scheme has not been determined yet. However, there are several irreversible trends: first, all kinds of new energy models are facing more stringent and detailed technical requirements. The extensive growth of the market is unsustainable. The policy dividend will turn to the technical dividend and pay attention to guiding the improvement of technical quality. 2、 The subsidies for new energy buses are on the high side, which is bound to be reduced to avoid looting by enterprises. In any case, policy-making should be more fair, transparent, reasonable and efficient in order to guide the sound and orderly development of the new energy vehicle industry.

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