Baotou express tricycle bid farewell to the era of "streaking"

Baotou express tricycle bid farewell to the era of

 However, not long after the delivery, master Hou heard that the city was about to comprehensively renovate the motor tricycle and four-wheel scooter. In the future, his tricycle might not be on the road. "At that time, we couriers were very worried, but later let us uniformly spray this' Express Blue 'and issue us passes. Although there are still some restrictions, it is really good to ensure that we can go on the road normally." Master Hou said.


  For the "change" of express tricycles, master Dong, a community security guard, is particularly welcome. "The management of foreign vehicles in our community is relatively strict, especially tricycles. But now there are many residents in the community who buy things online, so it's unrealistic for you to say no." Master Dong told reporters that he would make a good inquiry if someone came to deliver express. "But now there are all kinds of tricks used by some bad elements to deceive people. Who knows if it will be a fake express vehicle. But even if you suspect it is fake, it is difficult for you to check it. You can't call every time."


  "Now, express tricycles are uniformly painted with express signs. If there is any doubt, people still have the pass issued by the regulatory authority. We can rest assured that we will release them." Master Dong said.

Baotou express tricycle bid farewell to the era of

  The reporter learned that in order to effectively maintain the road traffic order, further improve the city's image and create a civilized, smooth, safe and orderly traffic environment, the municipal government issued the notice on comprehensively rectifying the violations of motor tricycles and four-wheel scooters, and carried out the rectification of the violations of motor tricycles and four-wheel scooters within the city. Article 4 of the circular stipulates that "if it is necessary to use motorized tricycles and four-wheel scooters in municipal, environmental sanitation, postal, express and other fields, it shall be approved by relevant functional departments according to law."


  "For express delivery enterprises, the fourth article in the notice is undoubtedly a 'life-saving straw'." The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Postal Administration, the supervision department of express enterprises, said that in recent years, the express industry in Baotou has developed rapidly. Up to now, Baotou has 35 postal and express enterprises, more than 300 business outlets of various types, nearly 5000 employees, nearly 1500 special tricycles and more than 250000 mail (express) pieces per day. It is one of the industries that serve the public face-to-face and have the closest relationship with the people. At the same time, it is also an important way and support for local e-commerce enterprises to move their famous, high-quality and local products to the country.

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