Shenzhen responded to the query of motorcycle prohibition and power restriction

Shenzhen responded to the query of motorcycle prohibition and power restriction

Should electric tricycles be banned?


  According to the requirements of the rectification action of "motorcycle prohibition and electricity restriction" in Shenzhen, the illegal use of electric tricycles in the express industry, water supply, air supply and other industries belongs to the focus of this rectification action. The traffic control department explained that there is no relevant national industry standard for the production of electric tricycles. At present, electric tricycles running on the road are illegally assembled and modified motor vehicles. They cannot obtain licenses and are not allowed to run on the road.


  According to the regulations of the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone on the administration of road traffic safety, Shenzhen has made clear prohibitions on non motor vehicles such as "electric tricycles" that mainly carry passengers or goods. However, as the rectification action was carried out, "50 couriers were detained, more than 800 express vehicles were seized, and thousands of couriers resigned" and other news began to spread wildly on the Internet. Whether the "motorcycle prohibition and power restriction" affected the development of the express industry has become a focus topic.


  A blog post entitled "what's crazy in Shenzhen" wrote that if the governance of electric tricycles is for safety reasons, then cars are not safe. The development of the express industry has actually facilitated everyone in Shenzhen, and the government has abolished the electric tricycle. What does express rely on to deliver? Relying on cars is more unrealistic, which not only increases the logistics cost, but also increases the road congestion.


  In 2012, Shenzhen issued the opinions on the record management of electric bicycles in Shenzhen express industry. The opinion stipulates that Shenzhen Logistics and supply chain management association is the only Industry Association designated by the traffic management department to accept the filing application of electric bicycles in the city's express industry and accept the filing application of electric bicycles in the city's express industry. All express enterprises registered in Shenzhen according to law and with express operation license can provide relevant materials to apply for Express Electric Vehicle Quota. The number of the electric bicycle approved by the Municipal Public Security Bureau shall be recorded according to the information of the electric bicycle association. The relevant person in charge of the Association told reporters that the filing requirements are very detailed. In addition to providing unit and individual certificates, purchase invoices, factory certificates and insurance policies, it is also stipulated that the frame shelf shall not exceed 0.15m of the handlebar. In addition, the replacement driver shall be re registered for the record, the changed driving area shall be newly recorded, and the vehicle driver shall be cancelled for the record when he exits the unit.


  In the view of the traffic control department, the purpose of giving the record of electric bicycles in the express industry and allowing the upper limit of road driving is to support and encourage the standardized and healthy development of relevant industries and enterprises. The relevant person in charge of Shenzhen Express Industry Association disclosed to the media that at present, there are more than 70000 couriers in Shenzhen, including about 40000 in the front line. Before the renovation, Shenzhen recorded 38000 electric vehicles, including nearly 13000 express vehicles, accounting for 34% of the total number of all industries. The reporter interviewed a number of "express brothers" in Nanshan District of Shenzhen and learned that they are still willing to use the electric tricycle knowing that it is illegal. In addition to the insufficient quota, there is a large cargo capacity of the tricycle, which can significantly improve the delivery speed.


  Shenzhen Logistics and Supply Chain Management Association told reporters that the rectification action of "motorcycle prohibition and power restriction" is not aimed at the express industry, but against the illegal use of electric vehicles, including the use of electric vehicles that are not within the "quota" and illegal three wheeled electric vehicles when express delivery enterprises.

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