Enterprise marketing needs to find pain points

Enterprise marketing needs to find pain points

  First of all, marketing should have rhythm. Marketing is actually playing games with consumers, and every step needs to be carefully designed. Before detonating each product, it is necessary to ensure that it has a keen grasp of the market trend and opportunity, and when detonating, it should be combined with the current hot events or hot figures to ensure maximum impact. After detonating, we should formulate a perfect sales strategy to ensure the effective supply of products.


  Secondly, we should learn to tell stories. In a short time to create a burst of money, which is the ability many enterprises lack. In fact, it is not difficult to create popular models, but we should first learn to tell stories. Popular models are often classic reconstruction. Classic products are supplemented by the current popular fashion elements and the latest technology to complete the sublimation of product characteristics. Chu Shijian contracted to plant oranges in the barren mountains after he was released from prison. That year, he was 75 years old. Therefore, his oranges were made into inspirational oranges, with classic advertising copy attached. Over the past 10 years, his brand story has moved more and more consumers and achieved Chu Shijian's title of "orange king".


  Moreover, reasonable pricing. Successful marketing may lead to the increase of product price and serious deviation from the original price. This requires the brand to make a pre judgment in advance, so as to prevent the situation from developing into an uncontrollable situation.


  In addition, hunger marketing is a short-term marketing means rather than a long-term strategy. The use needs to be measured, too much is better than less. Hunger marketing achieves the effect of promotion by lifting consumers' appetite. If it is used for a long time, it may lead to consumers' disgust and resistance. For example, Xiaomi mobile phone has been adopting hunger marketing, but it has not caused a sensation as it did at the beginning. On the contrary, it has aroused the disgust of some consumers. The long-term shortage of supply is not a marketing means, but a problem in enterprise technology management, which consumers still have the ability to think.


  In fact, whether hunger marketing or other means, the essence of marketing is to find the market pain point. Only by conforming to the market demand can consumers pay for the product.

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