Sichuan tricycle Market

Sichuan tricycle Market

1.Dealers generally lack confidence in the lower four

  After four or five years of development in the northern market, new energy vehicles successfully landed in Sichuan, the core of Southwest China. It seems hot, but there is a hidden crisis. Due to the ambiguity of national and local policies, some dealers take risks and most dealers watch the fire from the shore. Jiang Deping, a dealer of Foton Lovol, said that he was not optimistic about the low four, but seeing that more and more dealers chose to run the low four, he had to run a miscellaneous low four and look at it step by step.


  Most of the Sichuan market is full of tangled mentality, such as Jiang Deping. I'm afraid this is also the main reason for the slow progress of the low four in the Sichuan market. The biggest problem for manufacturers to conquer the Sichuan market is the "psychological crisis" of dealers.


2. The traditional stimulant "promotion" has expired

  Although consumers lack brand recognition, they are immune to traditional promotion methods. In this regard, some brand tricycle dealers said that they rarely applied to the factory for promotional activities, and there were almost no activities in the small solar term. There were only four large-scale promotions throughout the year: Spring Festival, new year's day, may day and national day.

"People's income has fallen sharply, and promotional activities are meaningless." A dealer who never does promotional activities tells the truth.


However, the low four promotion activities are still a good choice under the severe market situation. A miscellaneous brand closed electric vehicle named "Xinling", with an original price of 9988 yuan and a promotional price as low as 6888 yuan, was taken by an 84 year old man on the spot. However, this situation is difficult to happen on tricycles. After all, the price of the latter has become more transparent.


3. Diversified sales channels

The tricycle industry, which takes sales and service as the value demand, must deeply examine its e-commerce development strategy. While e-commerce consumption returns to rationality, many enterprises choose the Internet to dredge offline passenger flow and play a publicity role. As a market where tricycle share is being eroded and low four are carrying the flag, various "defense wars" and "siege wars" will promote the outbreak of Internet sales channel war.


The "Rongjin" brand in Sichuan will become the mainstream of its development.


4. "Short, smooth and fast" has become a marketing law

Li Mingze, who is well-known in the Sichuan market, is the general agent of Dahe low four in Sichuan. In the future, he may become the general agent of Dahe south. He said that the traditional agency system will completely collapse, and the short and fast sales model will be improved in the low four areas.

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