All the way north, focus on the North China market of tricycles

Due to the remarkable scale effect of the tricycle manufacturing industry, China has formed a pattern of four major tricycle production bases, namely, the southwest plate centered on Sichuan and Chongqing, the North China plate centered on Jiangsu, Shandong, Henan and Hebei, the East China plate centered on Zhejiang, and the South China plate centered on Guangdong. The location of the vehicle manufacturing plant gathers rich supporting resources. Taking advantage of the advantages of midwifery and local sales, its gold logistics coverage area is often a hot sales market; Or because of the large demand and high concentration in the local market, many enterprises have been attracted to build factories, and then a new industrial agglomeration group has been formed. Each key sector has its own personality characteristics. Each brand has its own emphasis on product influence, marketing mode and attention, and its specific expressiveness in each region is also very different.


  In the last issue, it introduced the characteristics and trends of the southwest market represented by Yunnan, Guizhou, Sichuan and Chongqing. Whether manufacturers or dealers, their active preparation behavior and attitude conveyed the positive energy of the tricycle team, which aroused strong repercussions among readers. In this issue, we focus on another important plate of tricycle - North China market. There are the most concentrated fuel tricycles, electric tricycles and supporting production bases in China. The industrial agglomeration effect is obvious, the industrial chain is complete, and the richness is far higher than that of other regions in China. Both the vehicle production level and innovative technology are in a leading position; There is also an amazing market volume here, including Zongshen, Huaihai, five-star vehicles, Longxin, Yongsheng, Universiade, Dayang, Dajiang, Everest, Fulu, Wuyang, Haibao and other brand tricycle products. Brand stores and after-sales service companies are also available. The coverage of marketing outlets is dense, and marketing talents and after-sales service are professional. However, due to the improvement of brand concentration, fierce market competition and other factors, the operating pressure is increasing year by year. Both manufacturers and businesses are facing new needs for business structure adjustment and service transformation and upgrading.


  Now we should see that when the market reaches relative saturation and the renewal speed is not fast enough, the market may cause unsalable in a certain period of time. If manufacturers want to completely change this situation, they must return to the product itself. Increase investment in product research and development, and design differentiated products that are more targeted and meet different consumer needs, such as express vehicles, sanitation vehicles, dump trucks and so on. In addition, we should cultivate core products with our own characteristics, expand and strengthen the "point", and then integrate the whole category of products into the brand pedigree, so as to maintain the market vitality.

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