New normal, new thinking, new change

  The "new normal" requires a new understanding of the state of industrial operation. According to the comparison of industry production and sales data in recent five years, we can find that the domestic fuel tricycle industry has transitioned from the original double-digit high-speed growth to the declining normal of 2% ~ 4%, which has lasted for several years. Although the electric tricycle market is rising happily, the year-on-year narrowing growth gap still reflects the embarrassment of the weak future of the industry, and the industrial development has entered the "new normal". Although the industrial structure adjustment is gradually rising, the pain is inevitable, which also reflects that the industrial transformation can not be achieved overnight, let alone "zero damage". In this process, the speed reduction is not terrible. The key is that the new growth point is positive and vibrant.


  The "new normal" also requires new ways of evaluation and response. In the face of the "new normal" of the industry, we must correctly understand the growth rate of production and sales, especially look at market fluctuations with an ordinary mind. After experiencing the high-speed development stage, the tricycle industry is in a mature and stable period. The central point of the industry in the coming period is to change the development mode, improve the system and mechanism, solve the exposed defects and reconcile the contradictions between the buyer and the seller. In this context, when looking at the "new normal" of the industry, we should learn to temporarily abandon the inherent mentality of "both happiness and sorrow depend on production and sales", give more consideration to infrastructure construction, and improve the comprehensive strength and quality of enterprises, not just quantity, from the fields of product R & D, brand promotion and after-sales service.

  The "normal" industry needs to stimulate new impetus. On the surface, the transformation of growth stage is the shift of growth rate, but in essence, it is the transformation and continuation of growth power. At present, a series of major and profound changes are taking place in the domestic tricycle industry, and the traditional growth power and emerging power are in a state of adhesion. How to find the next engine for the rapid development of the industry will determine the industrial prospect in the next five to ten years. To stimulate new impetus, we must first rely on innovation driven, and use technological revolution, talent cultivation, system upgrading and other means to put industrial development on a higher and newer platform; Secondly, we must follow scientific ideas and resolutely abandon and resist the behavior of eager for quick success and instant benefit and destroying the industrial ecosystem; Ultimately, we must rely on reform, make use of the decisive role of market resource allocation, release the demographic dividend, stimulate domestic consumption, cultivate new consumption growth points, and promote the final successful transformation and upgrading of the industry

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