The giants of China's tricycle industry are facing the law of cycle

The giants of China's tricycle industry are facing the law of cycle

  As an industry that has developed for more than 20 years, from manpower to machinery, from fuel to electric, from domestic to international, tricycle has become an important booster for the steady development of China's economy with its unique product positioning and wide market penetration. At the same time, it has also built a large number of leading enterprises. The existence and development of these enterprises continue to promote the expansion of industrial scale. However, under the influence of the national "new normal" economic situation and the tide of industrial transformation and upgrading in recent years, tricycle enterprises began to appear polarization. Some people made great progress and others withdrew in a gloomy way. In this white hot competition, the outstanding giants have gradually become the wind vane to control and guide the future development of the whole industry.


  To judge the value of an enterprise, of course, we can't just look at its existing scale and status. What's deeper is its change and impact on the development direction of the industry, market consumption mode and people's lifestyle. Because of this, the mission, vision and values of an enterprise are more important than the current financial data.


  Industrial development has a cycle, and enterprises do the same. Aiming at more ambitious goals, what they need is the courage to go on, rather than the gains and losses of one city and one place overnight. An Jiwen has made a forward-looking strategic plan for the future development of Huaihai and hopes that the "troika" will lead the industry well and quickly, but who can guarantee that the future will develop as planned? The core that really determines how far an enterprise can go is the belief in mission and persistence.

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