Drives tricycle around the world

  Traveling around the world is no longer strange. However, have you ever heard of riding a tricycle, commonly known as "tuk tuk" all over the world? British teachers Richard and Nick are the two protagonists who interpret the above legend.


  According to the mirror on November 25, Richard and Nick drove more than 23300 miles on a tricycle, breaking the world record for the farthest trip by tricycle. However, their move is not just to travel, but to raise funds for education projects in developing countries.


  On August 13, 2012, two brave men set out from Britain and drove three wheeled motorcycles across 37 countries. They affectionately called their tuk tuk "Tommy". It is reported that during the previous trip, Richard and Nick had to pull the car for 43 miles due to mechanical failure. Fortunately, they repaired Tommy in time.

  Now the two brave men have arrived in Peru and plan to go to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, next month. Once they arrive in Chile on a three wheeled motorcycle, they will become the first person to drive a toot around the world in history.


  While marching thousands of miles, they are concerned about children's education. Richard pointed out with a heavy heart that at present, more than 57 million children around the world are unable to go to school, and more school children are unable to enjoy good educational facilities. Richard and Nick hope their efforts will eventually be certified by Guinness World Records.

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