Tricycle have gradually become a new growth pole of the industry

Tricycle have gradually become a new growth pole of the industry

  The sluggish peak season and flat performance are the obvious characteristics of the production and sales of China's motorcycle industry in the first half of the year. The continuous decline in production and sales is also caused by the continuous downturn of the domestic motorcycle market.Just when the whole industry is facing the lack of vitality of the market and has no skills, the tricycle segment industry is growing and developing with a strong momentum.


  Industry downturn, weak market, declining sales and loss of confidence... After the global financial crisis in 2008, China's motorcycle industry quickly turned into a trough. Polarization led to the reshuffle of the industry, and then it still failed to get rid of the dilemma. The trend has worsened in recent years, and the whole industry is full of depression. However, the tricycle industry should be a different matter. Its rise and growth has made some industry enterprises see hope again. Through a series of measures, their brands can shine a second spring in another related industry and achieve a double harvest of achievements and fame. It can be said that it is precisely because of the vigorous development of the tricycle industry that many motorcycle enterprises can go up again on the edge of the cliff on the verge of elimination, and China's motorcycle industry will not face the embarrassing situation of falling to the ground. Therefore, the tricycle field is gradually becoming a new growth pole of the whole Chinese motorcycle industry. The growth is not only the sales volume, but also the status and image.


  In fact, at the beginning of its rise, the tricycle industry was not loved by everyone, but ignored by nobody and was once artificially marginalized. However, such a seemingly insignificant industry burst out amazing strength. When the domestic two wheeled motorcycle industry was facing difficulties, it tried to carry the banner of development and let people in the industry see the hope after persistence and transformation. Although the industry is not standardized and there are many problems and instability, it is undeniable that according to the current development trend and the actual demand of the market, China's tricycle industry may give us greater achievements and surprises in the next three to five years. At that time, this emerging industry growth pole will degenerate into a stable and mature growth pole, which will continue to affect and guide the revival of the motorcycle industry in China.


  Existence is reasonable, and existence needs development. The answer sheet handed over by China's tricycle industry in the first half of the year turned people's worries at the beginning of the year into nothing, and was full of more hopes for the market prospect in the second half of the year. More importantly, in the downturn of China's motorcycle industry today, the strong advance of the tricycle industry is bound to inject a booster into the whole industry!

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