Tricycle safety driving training meeting

Tricycle safety driving training meeting

  According to the actual situation of the area and the current safety situation, the author made an in-depth and simple explanation around the safety inspection before driving the tricycle, the safe driving speed, the safety common sense of riding and loading the motorcycle, the hazards of tricycle related to license, illegal operation, illegal manned and other traffic violations, so as to give you a vivid traffic safety lesson and sound the safety alarm.

  Combined with the traffic accident cases of passenger three wheeled motorcycles over the years, this paper criticizes and corrects the uncivilized behaviors of some drivers, such as not parking according to the regulations, illegally turning around and getting on and off at will in the no parking section, and reminds the majority of drivers to improve their awareness, maintain high vigilance at all times, and prevent and reduce the occurrence of road traffic accidents.

  All drivers of three wheeled motorcycles must develop the good habit of abiding by laws and regulations, drive safely and civilized according to law, and regularly repair and maintain the vehicles. It is strictly prohibited to drink, overload and overspeed, so as to ensure the safety of passengers and the people's lives and property to the greatest extent.

  Through this training, all drivers said: in the future travel, we must keep the traffic safety laws and regulations in mind, consciously abide by the traffic regulations, be a civilized driver who abides by the law and discipline, and jointly create a safe, smooth, civilized, courteous, harmonious and safe road traffic environment.

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