Market saturation, semi cabin strong rise

Market saturation, semi cabin strong rise

  The development of electric two wheeled vehicles has been very mature, and the offline terminal layout of two wheels has been basically improved, "said Li Dasheng, founder of Lu passenger caravan." and the terminal of fully powered three has been basically formed ". As a result, even if there are many visitors to the electric vehicle exhibition, it has little significance for the mature two wheels and three wheels. In addition, we also learned that the rapid development of market sales of electric tricycles, low-speed electric four-wheel vehicles and new caravans is largely due to the layout of the original electric two-wheel vehicles.


  The semi cabin tricycle can solve these worries of the elderly. By the way, another task of the elderly (picking up grandchildren and grandchildren to school) will be perfectly solved. Picking up children in bad weather with the  semi cabin tricycle can also arrive safely in rain or wind, and the children will not suffer on the way to school. The characteristics of low-speed environmental protection of semi cabin tricycle are also reassuring in terms of safety. Therefore, semi cabin tricycle is very popular among the elderly. Now the semi cabin tricycle market is just in its infancy and has great market potential. In the face of China's more than 200 million elderly population market, the semi cabin tricycle industry is one of many sunrise industries in the "silver hair industry" with a scale of up to trillion.

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