Hot selling ten model-DAYANG tricycle

1. DY-KN

DAYANG brand motorcycle with 250cc 300cc 350cc engine


50*100 double-layer frame, can be connected to the wheel with a distance of 1700,


with a side of 750, a beam of 1050, split one and a half rows,cargo size :2.6*1.5m,


full floating 168 speed ratio 10:37, 6+ 4 leaf springs, 5 speeds, with balance bar, positioning 860. Yuanxing tires 5.00-12 front and rear




350CC "fuel tank with oil level sensor.

Main line with MP3 connector (MP3 installed on the handlebar)" "Zongshen 350 water-cooled engine, cobalt bronze, wheel cover 350CC, font scribble red, cycle gear, 18-level 250W

&23 Water tank water pipe" "Can be connected to the frame


3. T5,

Zongshen 300 tsunami, left steering wheel, luxurious enlarged cab, luxurious new instrument panel,

 luxurious new adjustable seat belt with seat belt, load king vibration reduction,



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