Standards lead the progress of tricycle industry

  With the in-depth development of economic globalization, standardization plays an increasingly prominent role in facilitating economic and trade exchanges, supporting industrial development, promoting scientific and technological progress and standardizing social governance.   Standards play a key role in the great journey of society towards a new era. Without standards, we cannot witness such rapid change. Standards are the fruits of human civilization and progress. The industry needs standard development, and the world needs coordinated development of standards.


  "Third rate enterprises make products, second rate enterprises make brands and first-class enterprises make standards", which is the mainstream view of the international business community on standards, but also highlights the important role and status of standards. In enterprise production, standards regulate production behavior and measure product quality. From process management standards to product data standards, the formulation and implementation of standards ensure the stable and orderly progress of production and operation.


  Although the recognition and attention of the society to industry standards are not high at present, the introduction of industry standards still has a great positive impact on the development of the industry. First, it is very helpful for the products of enterprises in the industry to enter the market; Second, when users choose the same type of products, they have an assessment basis for the performance requirements of the products; Third, manufacturing enterprises can have indicators for product performance testing according to standards; Fourth, it has given standardized application guidance for the existing technical, testing and maintenance problems in the industry, which has brought convenience to dealers and users.

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