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  Among the three time stages of the development of tricycle industry, the first stage is the factory era, that is, what the factory produces, customers buy; The second stage is the market era, that is, what enterprises sell, customers buy; The third is the era of mind, which means that customers buy whatever they have in mind.


  From the development process of many well-known enterprises, we can see that brand is very important to create excellent enterprises. In the future, the competition of enterprises will rise beyond the product level to brand competition, and category is a new driving force to promote brand growth. For example, we know that Gree brand has focused on air conditioning from the beginning. Therefore, when Gree is mentioned in the market, everyone knows that it is an air conditioning brand, which means that the brand must be specific, which is also of great enlightening significance to the tricycle industry


  The short-term profit seeking behavior of enterprises is serious, lack of product value awareness, imitation and assembly production become normalized, and lack of integrity. The market is manifested in the homogenization of products and sales market, the weak awareness of market service and the hollow shaping of brand. The fundamental reason is that enterprises ignore medium and long-term strategic planning, brand connotation building, R & D technological transformation and marketing innovation.

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