China Northeast tricycle Market

China Northeast tricycle Market

  In the territory of China's tricycle industry, the northeast region, which has neither huge consumer demand nor heavyweight enterprises, has always been in the position of "relinquishing independence", but the defect of "congenital deficiency" has not made this rich black land lose tricycles. When Henan, Shandong, Jiangsu and other popular regions are experiencing changes brought about by industrial competition, the Northeast market has embarked on a development road with its own characteristics, Although it has never been vigorous, it has walked steadily and steadily.

China Northeast tricycle Market

  There are caves outside the pass


  Walking out of SHANGUAN and stepping on the black land, we are facing the boundless plain and the biting cold wind. This area, known as the "industrial cradle" of new China, is striving for self transformation and innovation, and the tricycle is playing the role of a pioneer in economic development.


  The three northeastern provinces, composed of Liaoning, Jilin and Heilongjiang, have a vast territory, developed agriculture and a high degree of agricultural mechanization, providing a comfortable hotbed for the cultivation of tricycle market. As the most common means of production and transportation in local agricultural production, there is no doubt about the important position and market demand of tricycle.


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