How far is the electric tricycle from the forward development

War of "hot money"

  On the market, any three household electrical appliance enterprises or R & D teams hope that one or a series of models like Henan Longxin R-Series flat car products will appear under their banner, which can be popular in the market, especially the success of tens of thousands of products in today's market saturation stage can more and more set off the charm of brands. The process of building this "popular model" must be arduous, because it needs to meet the current car purchase needs of consumers in terms of product style, attribute, price and evaluation, and maintain a certain sustainability. The reporter believes that in order to complete this "popular model", the first thing to meet is the need of enterprises to develop models positively.


  In short, forward development is to design, manufacture and assemble the finished product step by step from scratch. As far as an enterprise completes a vehicle model or project under positive development, it often completes the establishment of project strategic objectives, screening scheme, determination and optimization, until confirming the design of product process and completing the test drive of sample vehicle through several steps of concept, design, implementation and production on the basis of considering comprehensive factors such as customer demand, competitors, design creativity, technical trend, socio-economic status and changes in industrial regulations, It is not necessary for enterprises to continuously improve the production of finished vehicles after putting them into the market. Of course, it is not necessary for enterprises to complete the process of mass production and updating the information after putting them into the market.


  The forward development of the whole vehicle needs the accumulation of a lot of funds, technology and talents. For the early investment of the enterprise, it is a painful process and needs the great wisdom of the leader. However, even after completing these steps, the joy of success is not necessarily exclusive to the brand.


  As the new product becomes a "popular model", it is easy to be imitated by various experts, and the shape and performance may be learned as a template. As for the price, because excluding the huge development costs in the early stage, the price is naturally more civilian, and it is common to cause market chaos for a while. Looking at the past cases, even if some products were "imitated", the enterprises were deterred by troublesome reasons such as patent application, investigation and evidence collection, high cost of rights protection and so on. This situation makes many enterprises carrying out positive development shake their original persistence.

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