How do electric car stores spend small money on activities

As the saying goes, "the smell of wine is not afraid of the depth of the alley". Previous electric car stores always believed that as long as their car is good, someone will come to the door. But the times are different now. Wine is also afraid of deep alleys. If you don't know how to let others know that your car is good, the best car can only sink into the sea. Here are some simple, practical and relatively cost-effective activities for dealer friends.


1. Wechat marketing

Everyone plays wechat at no cost. During the activity, there are several aspects to pay attention to in wechat marketing:

a. Release information with a private wechat account rather than an official public platform. Because there are basically acquaintances in the circle of friends. When they engage in activities, everyone will naturally support them, and the return rate of point-to-point marketing customers is relatively high.

b. Pay attention to the number and frequency of wechat. It can be sent two or three times a week one month before the event. As the event date is getting closer, the frequency of wechat should be higher and higher to improve customers' expectations.

c. In fact, the number of friends and relatives who are willing to help customers forward their opinions through wechat is not only willing to pay for them, but also willing to help them forward their opinions through wechat. The purpose of wechat forwarding gift activities is to form the word-of-mouth communication of friends with friends.


2. Local forum advertising

Two or three days before the event, prepare graphic advertising promotion. Including activity time and specific content. You can also cooperate with local wechat accounts for publicity. The cooperation expenses need to be discussed in advance. Having contacts can save expenses.


3. Bucket advertising

Pure water bucket is a new medium, which has the characteristics of fast access to families, units and offices, strong purpose, accuracy and efficiency, wide delivery area and high repetition frequency. At the same time, buckets also play a more and more important role in people's life. TV can not be watched, radio can not be listened to, newspapers and magazines can not be bought, but water can not be drunk, so buckets are increasingly entering families and office units.

The campaign advertisement is on the bucket, which is novel and eye-catching, and leaves a deep impression on potential consumers. Due to the long stay time and large number of viewers, the effect is extremely prominent. If there are five people drinking 10000 barrels of water, it is 50000 times. Moreover, the company and the unit are not limited to these people. Its effect is better than advertising on TV media.


4. QQ group releases news

Hold opening preferential activities in the local (community) QQ group or contact the QQ group owner.


5. Present local specialties

During activities, you can also make some efforts in giving gifts. Those who come to the store to buy cars will give away some exotic local specialties, and many consumers will be interested in the specialties they can eat. In the electric vehicle industry, we are used to pots, tableware, tea sets, umbrellas, cotton padded jackets, and get some special products to eat directly, which may be unique.


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