Motorized Trimoto
Price : 0 USD dollars


800cc, water-cooling



Rear- Axle

Intergral booster drum, Φ250


Full-closed, iron material

Operating model

Handle (optional Car Steering Wheel)

Front Shock Absorber

Hydraulic spring (Double)

Rear Spring Leafs


Rear Brake


Wheels Type


Front/Rear Tire



Motorized Trimoto

Motorized trimoto cargo tricycle with 465 (800) mini-car engine with auxiliary water tank, 50*100 overall frame, 8+1 transmission.

Luxury car interior with reversing image, big cargo tricycle motorized trimoto with 2.4m*1.5m large engineering cold plate cargo compartment.

Sichuan-Chongqing full-floating five-hole Mimic heavy-duty rear axle, 250 brake drum.

6.0-13 three-wheel vacuum-assisted agricultural vehicle oil brake, automobile steel plate (6+3)*8.

Motorized trimoto cargo tricycle with Hebei 800 type, circulating automobile steering gear, electronically controlled brake water spray, 45A battery.




Cabin: Electric lift windows are more concise and convenient. The pedals are convenient for the driver to get on the car. It is equipped with air conditioning to ensure warm in winter and cool in summer.




Cab: The design of the car cab is in sharp contrast with the traditional tricycle cab. The car seat, car-style mechanical handbrake, and the brake system are safer. The car-style steering wheel makes it easier to drive and the car-style gear shift is simpler. Car-style safety Belt, to protect the safety of drivers, and equipped with entertainment audio and video system, so that driving is no longer boring.




The rear of the vehicle: With reversing radar image and reversing indicator light, it is safer and more secure when reversing.

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