Mini Passenger Cargo Tricycle
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Mini passenger cargo tricycle






Rear- Axle

Intergral booster drum,Φ220


Full-closed, iron material

Operating model

Handle (optional Car Steering Wheel)

Front Shock Absorber

Hydraulic spring(Double)

Rear Spring Leafs


Rear Brake


Wheels Type


Front/Rear Tire


Newly developed new cab with independent appearance, fine appearance, fine craftsmanship, good sealing and high strength

Luxury instrument panel, barrel instrument

Ergonomic design, comfortable driving

The overall seal is good, no deviation, low noise and little vibration

LED car headlight, novel and beautiful, higher luminous intensity

The whole door frame is formed at one time

The bottom plate and the threshold

Luxury instrument panel, barrel instrument

The integrally formed single-layer frame has good strength and is easy to maintain


Super strong parts: 1.LED light: using copper wire, super brightness, can be irradiated for 30 meters, continuous illumination for 12 hours, the color of the light remains unchanged. 2.Instrument:LCD display, integrated block, more accurate power display. 3. Vibration reduction:using motorcycle standards, with a large number of spring coils and a length of495mm, the shock absorption effect is better. Experiments have shown that the vibration is 1 million times, and oil leakage will not occur for at least 5 years. 4. Steel plate: greater load-bearing capacity, high resilience, not easily deformed, white steel plate rubber sleeve, small gap, low noise, more durable. 5.Brake pad: using plant fiber and metal powder, the contact area between brake and brake drum reaches 80%, no heat, long life, better braking effect. 6. Sine brushless motor :3000-3200 rpm/min, torque is 20% -25% larger than ordinary motor, safe, comfortable, stable. 7.Steel tires:non-slip and moisture-proof, with a load capacity 30% higher than other vehicles. The tread pattern is prominent, which increases the grip area and saves electricity and wear.

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