Where is the future growth point of China's tricycle industry

Where is the future growth point of China's tricycle industry

The transformation and upgrading of the industry is in a bottleneck period.

   Since 2015, the domestic tricycle industry has begun to put forward the concept of "transformation and upgrading". However, in the past three years, the transformation and upgrading process of the industry seems to be in a bottleneck and has not made substantive breakthroughs and achievements. On the contrary, due to excessive pursuit of change, the enterprise front is too long to find the core breakthrough point, and finally falls down in the rush.


The intensity of environmental protection supervision has been upgraded again.

  On January 1, the national environmental protection tax law was officially levied. This new law, which takes enterprises, institutions and other producers and operators that directly discharge taxable pollutants into the environment as taxpayers and takes the emission of taxable pollutants as the tax basis, has brought a great impact on the tricycle industry;


Cost control is even more difficult.

  In the past few years, the most prominent feature of the tricycle industry is one word: rise! The price rise tide of the tricycle industry has never stopped. From raw materials such as steel and batteries to manufacturing costs, from logistics costs to terminal selling prices, almost every link of the industrial chain has experienced price adjustments of different ranges. Both leading enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises are constantly following up,

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