When the reform of China's tricycle industry becomes an inevitable trend

When the reform of China's tricycle industry becomes an inevitable trend

  For China's tricycle industry, supply side reform also plays an extremely important role. With the industry fully entering the new normal period, the demographic dividend gradually disappears, and the overall development has changed from high-speed growth to medium and high-speed growth. How to find a recipe to stimulate consumer demand and boost sales has become a difficult problem that every enterprise must face and urgently need to solve.


  When the development path of traditional products became narrower and narrower, a number of high-quality tricycle enterprises tried to break through the encirclement through transformation, began to compete for the market with cost-effective and high-tech products, and redefined the future development direction of the industry in the name of reform. This trend was particularly prominent at the fourth China (Yanshi) tricycle new energy vehicle exhibition held on April 22, 2016.


  "Promoting great changes on the supply side" is the theme of this exhibition. It keeps pace with the times and is concise and comprehensive. In fact, China's tricycle industry is shaping its high-end  competitiveness, picking up the lost "craftsman spirit" and trying to promote the qualitative leap of China's tricycle industry. Although the industry is facing severe downward market pressure, enterprises have withstood the risks and shouldered the heavy responsibility through accurately grasping the opportunity of transformation and upgrading and making continuous efforts in the field of supply side reform.


  "Made in China 2025" depicts the development blueprint of made in China. The transformation and reform from "manufacturing" to "creation" must be the general trend in the future. In this process, whoever can establish the pre emptive advantage and let consumers enjoy the most extreme product experience can stand out from the fierce competition and become the leader leading the development direction of China's tricycle industry in the future. When the products are labeled with low-end labels, when consumers only vote with their wallets, and the enterprises still stay where they are without reflection, we will lose not only the recent purchasing power, but the future of China's tricycle industry.

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