Successful conclusion of service training meeting

Successful conclusion of service training meeting

  In the marketing training course, he did the training entitled "homeopathic thinking that dealers should have in the 3.0 era". He quoted scriptures, explained it in simple terms, and constantly attracted bursts of applause. At the meeting, first of all, they expressed their own views on "the national situation", "the current situation of the two wheeled and three wheeled motorcycle industry" and "the trend of the new energy industry". Through the sharing and analysis of several brand cases, such as Nokia, Xiaomi, Lipton, Dachangjiang and Honda, the participants were deeply aware of the importance of "brand operation". He pointed out that the rise and success of a brand must have three elements: the conditions of time (time), the advantages of location (location), and the core of people-oriented (human harmony).


  Subsequently, the participants showed Dayang's strong product R & D ability and strong marketing ability, and talked about Dayang's future vision and planning. He said that Dayang's product strategic planning will continue to focus on stable quality, further diversify product categories, integrate more cutting-edge technology in technology, and increase humanization and other image elements in design, so as to make it meet the trend of sharply expanding consumer value demand in the future. He said that Dayang will make products according to the standard of making cars, rather than making products like cars. In the next one to two years, Dayang will also build the most perfect after-sales service system for domestic electric vehicles and build a service site covering the whole country, so that customers can feel the exquisite service of Dayang better.

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