Let the feelings fall to the ground with strength

Let the feelings fall to the ground with strength

  Under the continuous baptism of current Internet thinking, many enterprises regard the word "feelings" as the "killer mace" in market competition, and convey richer and fuller emotions to consumers in a way different from traditional brand culture. Therefore, we can see that Xiaomi mobile phones sold 60 million units in 2014, ranking among the top five in the world at one fell swoop; Alibaba successfully landed in US stocks and became a successful template such as the world's most valuable Internet company. However, feelings are not castles in the air. Imagination out of thin air cannot make an enterprise a blockbuster. In the end, we should still be down-to-earth, speak with strength, and use strength to make feelings fall to the ground. This is the case for Xiaomi, Alibaba and Dayang.


  When the market situation is severe, many enterprises like to solve problems with a fluke mentality, opportunistic and ignoring the potential of the market itself, which may achieve good results in a short time, but in the long run, all kinds of harm but no benefit. Manufacturing industry is an industry that depends on products. Feelings are important, but which is more important than the former? The answer is self-evident. For tricycle enterprises, the emotion card is a chess game for infantry to take risks, and strength is the key point to win or lose. Dayang figured out this problem and did not blindly expand production. Instead, he took the quality standard as the cornerstone of his own foothold and constantly consolidated quality, The best embodiment is to develop actively with a more responsible attitude towards consumers.

Let the feelings fall to the ground with strength

  Dayang is not without rivals. China's tricycle enterprises still have a long way to go in the development path under the new normal period. However, one thing we can be sure of is that strength is still an indelible core factor in the market competition. The soul chicken soup of "talking big and telling stories" alone can not fundamentally change the future development of the enterprise. Using strength to let feelings fall to the ground is the most direct and powerful means for the enterprise and a good medicine to solve the current market dilemma. Make products and markets in a down-to-earth manner. The sales volume can be expected and the future can be expected.

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