Go out of China and go to the world

Go out of China and go to the world

  With the expansion of China's foreign trade, many three wheeled enterprises have gone abroad in recent years, making more and more foreign merchants agree with China's three wheeled motorcycles, further increasing the export volume of three wheeled motorcycles. Looking at the export situation of tricycles in recent years, we can make a bold prediction: China's tricycle industry will usher in better development opportunities with the export business.


  After nearly 10 years of rapid development, the annual growth rate of three wheeled motorcycles has reached more than 30%. However, the growth of three wheeled motorcycles has been slow in recent years. Many enterprises have invested the goal of transformation overseas, resulting in a blowout in the import market of three wheeled motorcycles in recent years. According to the statistics of the State Customs, China exported 228800 tricycles in 2012, an increase of 21.2% over the same period, which was the only project in the motorcycle industry with more than 20% in 2012; At the same time, the export value of three rounds of motorcycles reached 192 million US dollars, an increase of 35.94% year-on-year, maintaining a high growth trend.

Go out of China and go to the world

  Most domestic motorcycle products are mainly "imported", but we can be proud to say that tricycle products are completely created by our Chinese enterprises. This distinctive characteristic will make tricycle products have strong market competitiveness in the overseas market, so tricycle enterprises should "go out".


  From the venue of last year's Canton Fair, it can be found that in terms of motorcycle hall, there is a sharp contrast between two wheeled vehicles and tricycles. There are only a few foreign guests from two wheeled vehicles, and they are basically old faces. In the three wheeled motorcycle area, new faces of foreign guests continue to appear, and there will be a new market only with new customers. These customers come to the three wheeled motorcycle area and ask the enterprise constantly, forming a strong contrast picture.


  From the perspective of world trade, the export scale of domestic three wheeled motorcycle products is small. Some mainstream three wheeled motorcycle enterprises with certain technology and capital accumulation should increase investment in export trade. At the same time, relevant government departments also need to take more specific support and incentive measures to realize the sustainable development of the export of state-owned three wheeled enterprises.

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