Reflections on the globalization of tricycle Enterprises

Reflections on the globalization of tricycle Enterprises

  China's three wheeled motorcycle industry has gone through more than 20 years of development. At present, affected by the changes of the national macroeconomic situation, it is in the period of structural adjustment, transformation and upgrading. Although many brands have taken positive measures to respond, seek change and innovation, and optimize reform, it is still difficult to stimulate differentiated consumer demand, resulting in the imbalance between supply and marketing.


  Although the overseas markets that China's motorcycle industry has relied on for a long time, such as South America, Southeast Asia and Africa, are still in the period of rising development, many enterprises whose strategic focus is rooted in the domestic market cannot devote themselves to the international market. Coupled with the fluctuation of RMB exchange rate and other factors, some domestic motorcycle enterprises are still hesitant and hesitant about the internationalization strategy of going abroad and going to the world.


  In fact, whether it is the fuel three wheel or the new energy electric three wheel, its overseas market development space is relatively broad, but the enterprise positioning and market strategy should be based on how to grasp the key air outlet.

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