Electric vehicles will be gradually incorporated into standardized management

Electric vehicles will be gradually incorporated into standardized management

  In Fangcun, Shijiazhuang is a large electric vehicle sales base. When the reporter saw Mr. Liu, he was choosing a three wheeled electric vehicle for the elderly at home. Mr. Liu told reporters that compared with cars, electric tricycles are light, slow and should be relatively safe. Different from Mr. Liu's view, Mr. Hou believes that electric vehicles have great potential safety hazards. They are not only fast, but also many people do not obey the rules. They are interspersed back and forth in the driving process, which is very chaotic and prone to accidents.


  It is also based on the consideration of safety factors that first tier cities such as Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Beijing successively dealt with electric vehicles at the end of March and early April. Among them, 17975 electric vehicles were seized in Shenzhen within 10 days. Guangzhou plans to implement the "Five Prohibitions" on electric vehicles in the city, while Beijing will ban non motor vehicles other than bicycles on 10 roads such as Chang'an Street and its extension line from April 11. And will such rectification actions affect the second and third tier cities. In this regard, according to the staff of Shijiazhuang Traffic Management Bureau, the crackdown on three vehicles ("three vehicles" refers to operating human tricycles, electric and fuel tricycles, electric and fuel four-wheel vehicles - excluding the models in the national announcement catalogue, and the above three types of vehicles include illegally modified and assembled three and four-wheel vehicles) has been continuously strengthened, and they are not allowed to enter the second ring road of the urban area, including the trunk line between the second ring road and the third ring road. Since the centralized management began in 14 years, it has given a certain extension period to the four industries of postal service, water supply, natural gas supply and garden.


  In Fangcun, the reporter saw that most of the three wheel and four-wheel electric vehicles on sale belong to the category of "three vehicles". Some dealers said that their electric vehicles have entered the catalogue of the Ministry of industry and information technology and will not be eliminated. But more dealers said that the people who came to see the car now mainly considered whether they needed to get a license plate and whether they were allowed to go on the road.


  The dealer admitted that legal and illegal, will face a more embarrassing situation: "now it's actually quite contradictory. You say to legalize it. Basically, older people need this thing. It's more convenient for them to go out. You say that it's unrealistic to let him get a certificate in his 70s, but the management is chaotic. People accept this thing and generally go on the road is also a problem."


  However, in order to better adapt to the changes in the market, dealers also hope to legalize the "boots" of electric vehicles as soon as possible: "we hope it is still legal, or restrictions, such as what road is not allowed to go. Many people should have a wait-and-see attitude and hope that there are any national or local policies."


  Then, for the next development direction of electric vehicles in Shijiazhuang, the staff of Shijiazhuang Traffic Management Bureau said that the four major industries such as express delivery will be gradually replaced with regular cars, or new energy vehicles, or van cars. Electric vehicles outside the four major industries still need to wait for the introduction of specific management measures. Shijiazhuang Traffic Management Bureau staff: "the standards are different among provinces. Basically, according to its weight and speed, it can't exceed much. If it meets this standard, it will be listed and registered for management. If it doesn't meet this standard, some other cities have given a two-year period, and some have given a one-year period for elimination. For electric bicycles, we need to wait until the provincial management measures are issued."

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